Crafted for You in the USA

Strasser Woodenworks is proud to craft our Bathroom Vanities, Furniture and Accessories in the USA. Our workforce takes great pride in crafting beautiful and elegant furniture in a clean facility that meets or exceeds all Federal and Washington State EPA guidelines. Strasser Woodenworks is proud to support our employees, their families and the economy of our community. 

Here is why you will be pleased with your new Strasser Bathroom vanity that is crafted in the U.S.

Your bathroom vanity and other cabinets are built to order

  • Strasser builds your bathroom furniture when we receive your order
  • Our current production turn-around time is 3-4 weeks
  • Shipping takes approximately 3 days to 12 days depending on your location in the country

Committed Customer Service

  • Located in Woodinville, WA, for quick response
  • Highly knowledgeable and helpful
  • Customer service with a smile

Superior Quality Products

  • Strasser Woodenworks uses hardwoods sourced in the US and Canada
  • Our soft close hinges are of the highest quality and durability
  • Our cabinets are constructed with high quality hardware, not glued

Greater Product Selection

  • Over 10,000 combinations available through our Collections; door styles & finishes;, knobs & pulls and granite, quartz & vitreous china tops
  • Special orders available within Strasser’s furniture lines

Strasser Woodenworks: a family business.

Meet The Team

Cameron Santos, Customer Service Lead, has many years of customer service experience. She concentrates on Home Depot orders and site maintenance, purchasing countertops, and daily reports of incoming and distribution orders.

In her time off, Cameron enjoys gardening and reading, and is awaiting the birth of her first grandchild.


Sean Kristek has over 10 years in customer service. He handles most of the incoming customer service calls, happily helping with showroom orders and the many inquiries from customers. He prepares the day end reports and invoicing.

Sean is an avid sports fan cheering on the Seattle Seahawks and Mariners.


Megan Robinson is our Purchasing Manager with over 30 years experience in the hardwood, cabinet millwork and hardware industries. She works closely with our Production and Sales teams to insure the highest quality products for our bathroom furniture and accessories.

Megan is an avid reader, sports car enthusiast and loves to spend time with the family and grandchildren.


Eduardo Torres is our Production Manager having worked his way up from the shop floor. He knows all the machinery and products from wood to finishes and designs new prototypes. He works closely with Sales to ensure new Strasser products are available.

Eduardo enjoys going on wine tours and tastings, and socializing with his friends in his free time.

Strasser Testimonials

Thank you Strasser!
We love our new vanity!

—Holly M.

We bought a Strasser Wood vanity through Ferguson over 12 years ago here in Pennsylvania. It was beautiful when we bought it. Over time the faces became a bit defective but the drawers continued to work perfectly. After contacting the company, they were so happy to replace the faces of our vanity and once again, we have a stunning vanity in our bath. Hats off to this US company; their products, their workmanship, and customer service. We will only deal with Strasser again in the future.

—Ellen O.

I am dropping you a line to shed some light on a completely outstanding employee who works for Strasser.  After 27+ years in the high end retail plumbing business, I very rarely come across someone real special…..Cameron Santos is it!!!!  Cameron’s off the charts customer service, product knowledge, attention to detail and professionalism are very rare in our industry, and she should be commended for that.  Strasser, IS always a go to line for me, and will be my first choice during client consultations on multiple high end bath projects. Your company should be very proud to have her represent you….she is a feather in your cap!!!

Doug L., Sales Consultant, Frank Webbs Bath Center - Needham, MA

I wish to thank you and Strasser Woodenworks for the excellent job done for us! Most appreciated was the attention to detail Strasser Woodenworks took in verifying the color match to our existing vanity. As you can see the match is a good one and as I told you this is not a million dollar home and in fact is quite 'eclectic' in many areas. No excuse but the match suits us. Had we needed to replace the vanity there is no question that you would have built that also as we really liked the floor models on display at Ferguson Enterprises here in Chicago. Thanks once again for the professional service and a quality built product - both of which were greatly appreciated.

—Nicholas and Karen K. - Chicago, Illinois.

The replacement vanity arrived on Friday.  It looks fantastic!  The quality of the construction and finish work is outstanding!  Thanks very much for handling my issue so quickly and effectively.  I believe you can tell a great deal about a company by how they respond to customer problems and after my experience, I know your company is clearly among the best.  Thanks to all at Strasserwood.  I will be buying more of your beautiful cabinetry in the future!

—Alan L.

Just a quick note to say thank you for the good service. We outfitted our home with Strasser cabinets about 20 years ago and recently needed to replace a few worn hinges, an e-mail to our local Strasser shop helped identify the hinges and to our surprise they were either under a life time warranty or they just sent them for good service. The cabinets still look good and work well. Thanks again for keeping long term customers in mind.

—Dave and Yvonne R. - Snohomish, Washington

This week I had the pleasure of working with Cameron Santos on a problem I had with a Strasser vanity that I purchased through Home Depot online.  Cameron promptly handled my inquiry, gave me several options to resolve my problem, and was quick to respond to my emails.  Cameron did mention that you [Megan] were involved in settling the matter of my damaged vanity.  I truly appreciate how you and Cameron resolved my problem so efficiently. Your customer service was excellent and greatly appreciated!! I reordered the vanity because it is beautiful and perfect for my needs.  Thank you so much!

—Meg M.

Thanks to Strasser for producing such a high quality product! As a home owner who must carefully weigh cost with the quality and durability of a product, I am delighted that I can do that while supporting American labor. Professionals (e.g., the plumber, the handyman) and relatives alike have remarked on the high quality of the construction of the vanity and medicine cabinet, from the dove-tailed drawers to the self-closing doors. I am delighted to have found your product and would be glad to recommend it to others.

—John F.

As always Peter you are a gentleman that stands by the true meaning of customer service.  Your solution is so generous, I wish more of our vendors would follow your view of how a business partnership can work. Thank you for helping our customer.
Warm regards,


They (replacement doors) look great. Thanks again for your personal involvement.

—Dan S.

Thank you! An amazingly fast response. It’s always been a pleasure to deal with Strasser.


Staying Green

Thank you for considering the purchase of a Strasser Woodenworks American made product. With your support we continue to craft your bath furniture here in America and employ workers right here in our community.

Just the fact that our products have not traveled thousands of miles to get to our shores shrinks their carbon footprint significantly. A European product must travel about 4,000 miles before reaching America and a Chinese product travels close to 7,000 miles. In addition, we use domestic suppliers wherever possible which further minimizes our products’ carbon footprint.

Remember, too, that our country and our state of Washington have tough environmental laws and regulations so products made here are environmentally cleaner than those imported from less Earth-friendly places.

It just makes sense

Every Strasser Woodenworks product is built of the best materials (like this to natural products) and designed to last a lifetime. It is environmentally sound to purchase products that will stand the test of time and not get tossed into a landfill after only a couple of years. Maybe the most environmentally responsible thing we are doing is creating beautiful products that will have a very long and useful life.

Track Record

Here in the Northwest we were “green” long before it became trendy. It’s a way of life here. We at Strasser Woodenworks are doing our best to become a greener company by constantly finding ways to conserve energy, reduce waste, increase recycling, and use cleaner manufacturing practices and better materials. We know that it is imperative to leave a cleaner world for future generations.

LEan Manufacturing

The Strasser Story

Strasser Woodenworks makes your bathroom furniture when you order it. We do not have inventory gathering dust. We are dedicated to Lean Manufacturing because it allows us to be competitive in a global market while manufacturing in the United States.

In 1999, the Washington Manufacturing Association (WMA) identified Strasser Woodenworks as a local company they would like to support during a time when many companies were moving manufacturing offshore. WMA approached Strasser offering pro-bono consulting services. Together WMA and Strasser reviewed the production operation. WMA suggested bringing in GEMBA Research to introduce Lean Manufacturing techniques to Strasser’s operation. Thus began a positive collaboration. GEMBA introduced lean manufacturing techniques and "just in time" practices in purchasing and production, thus eliminating inventory.

To further the company’s commitment to lean manufacturing, the company president went to Japan. He visited 14 companies that use lean throughout their entire companies. A highlight was going to Toyota City and observing lean at the Toyota car plant. Strasser’s president observed the impressive efficiencies lean produced.

In the next two years, Strassers’ production, purchasing and sales managers accompanied GEMBA Research consultants to Japan to learn lean techniques first hand. Strasser continues to work with GEMBA to refresh and improve its ‘lean’ techniques which has allowed Strasser to compete in the global economy.



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