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2018 Bathroom Remodel Trends

February 20, 2018

Are you looking to remodel your bathroom this year?  Bathroom design trends in 2018 are an inspiration.  From rich and vibrant colors to copper hardware and fixtures, Strasser Woodenworks bathroom vanities and cabinets are the perfect complement to any update. Whether you are looking for a modern or classic design, we have something for everyone.   Here are a few ideas to get your remodel started:

Spa bathrooms: Do you dream of a day at the spa? With gorgeous textures in neutral tones, this spa-like bathroom creates such a wonderful calming atmosphere. Spa bathroom remodels of 2018 feature pops of bright colors with a touch of natural flair. Adding live plants creates the perfect ambiance.

Mixed Metallics: Mix and match metallics and finishes for your lighting and hardware is the trend in 2018.  Have fun with your decor by mixing up the hues. Did you know copper is in this year? Dark greens added with your copper finishes are the way to stand out and create a wow factor for your remodel.

Terrazzo is Totally in - Let your bathroom get speckled with terrazzo this year. The flat yet complex texture from the ‘70s looks oh-so-cool and modern mixed into your furniture and decor. Love terrazzo? So do we!

Statement Ceilings - Can you dig it? Adding pops of color or patterns to your walls is great, but have you ever thought of putting it on your ceiling? This is a great way to create something different and unique for your bathroom.

Herringbone Pattern - If you’re re-doing your floors or walls, consider using a directional herringbone pattern to add dimension to your room. This unique pattern can really add a classic, yet modern element to your bathroom remodel.

Add Plants - We’ve all been obsessed with plants for years – what better way to create a lush and inviting atmosphere without breaking the bank?  There really are so many fun and tropical houseplants to choose from.  Your local nursery can help you pick out the perfect plant for your bathroom.  

With so many great trends of 2018, which one will you choose to try out? If you are looking for great quality bathroom installations to finish up your remodel, contact Strasser Woodenworks today to get started!

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