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Luxury Bathroom at Any Size

June 09, 2017

Your bathroom can be exactly what you want it to be, regardless of its size. You don’t necessarily need to have a large room to make it feel spacious and relaxing. Any bathroom can be luxurious if you use quality materials. Here are a few easy ways to make your space feel more lavish without breaking the bank. 

The Spa

Your bathroom can easily become a place of relaxation and zen with a few simple changes. Incorporate river rocks into your shower design – using them as flooring both looks and feels luxurious. If you have the space, consider adding a large soaking tub for supreme tranquility after a long day. Keeping design minimal and clean will help to ensure you feel relaxed and refreshed. 

The Hotel 

Have you ever been in a hotel bathroom and thought, I wish my own bathroom looked just like this. The fantastic lighting, the soft, fluffy towels. Recreate some of that luxurious feeling in your own home bathroom by painting the walls a light, neutral color – consider white or light grey. Then add a clear glass shower with a rain shower head. Materials such as marble, glass, and chrome all help to boost the feeling of extravagance. 

The Powder Room

Don’t let something like square footage limit the possibilities of a bathroom oasis!  Reclaim your small bathroom and create the perfect powder room.  Use bold wall paper patterns or color on an accent wall, or beautiful mosaic patterns with tile to create a stunning space.  Pedestal sinks or sleek bathroom vanities, like our Eurolav collection, give compact spaces an air of elegance.  

The design of each bathroom in your home will reflect your family’s needs and your personal style.  A main floor bathroom open to guests will have a very different design than an upstairs master bath or a kids’ shared bathroom.  Each bathroom, like each room in your home, will have common, cohesive design elements.  For example, if your home is traditional versus modern, your furnishings and design choices will reflect that.   

But, each bathroom is not just a room in your house - bathrooms are a personal, private space that can act as a retreat from the day’s hustle and bustle.  No matter what your aesthetic is, make your bathroom into a retreat where you can feel comfortable and revitalized.  

Strasser Woodenworks helps to improve the quality of our customers’ lives by improving the design of your bathrooms. Find your luxury by visiting one of our showrooms or contacting a consultant today. 

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