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10 Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

May 24, 2017

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom but not sure where to start? We are here to help!  

Remodeling your bathroom is an incredibly cost-effective way to significantly increase the value of your home. It also helps to drastically improve the quality of your life and satisfaction in your home without having to make any major changes.

Although it is exciting, the idea of remodeling can also be intimidating and overwhelming. It is best to be organized from the start. We have created this simple list of tips and things to consider when planning your bathroom remodel.

1. Get inspired

Prior to even beginning your remodel, it can make the whole process smoother if you have a good idea of what you want the finished product to look like. Tile, colors, tub vs shower, storage solutions, vanities, etc. Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration.


2. Consider your timeline

Do you have a steadfast deadline? Do you have another bathroom in your home that you can use while you remodel? A full remodel can take some time, so it is best to set realistic timelines and expectations. This can also help you determine whether you can fully DIY the project, or will need some professional help.


3. Determine what actually needs to be done

Are you fully gutting the space or do you want to try and save some elements of the existing bathroom? This is crucial to know PRIOR to beginning the demolition process, because once something is smashed with a sledgehammer, it’s gone for good. Determine if you want to reuse any tile, lighting, cabinets, or fixtures before you start swinging.


4. Set a budget

Once you have determined what you actually want, what you can keep, and what you will need to purchase, set a budget. Try to stick to the budget as much as possible, but also keep in mind that things come up unexpectedly when remodeling. Surprise plumbing costs or mold removal are unfortunate aspects of the process that can happen at any time, so be sure to give yourself some cushion around your budget.


5. Know your limits

It is easy to get carried away and a bit overly ambitious when it comes to remodeling, so try to be realistic about your abilities. Do you really know how to rewire the electricity? Or plumb for a new tub? If not, don’t be afraid to call a professional. It is MUCH better (not to mention cheaper) to have it done right the first time.


6. Check for special-orders

Your dream subway tile might be backordered, which can throw a wrench in your overall timeline. It is best to check ahead of time to see which of your products are in stock and if any will delay the forward-progress. Custom pieces can also get pricy, so it is best to check ahead.

That said, custom-orders are fairly common and as long as you are planning for them, can help ensure your bathroom is finished exactly the way you want. We are happy to accommodate any special piece you may want for your bathroom vanity or cabinets, simply give us a call!


7. Consider the details

It’s easy to forget seemingly small aspects like outlets, height of lights, mirror placement, towel rack placement, hardware, and light switch location. Be sure to consider these details when planning your overall remodel. Plus, it typically makes the plumber and electrician’s lives much easier if you can tell them specifically where you want them to work.


8. Get specific

Once you have the idea for the materials you want, go to your local hardware store (Home Depot is a great option!) and look at them in person. Take photos, collect samples, and consider price. What you thought you wanted might look totally different up close. Set yourself up for success by having the materials picked out ahead of time.


9. Stay calm

As we mentioned, it can often feel overwhelming at times, especially if you are living in the home around the bathroom you’re remodeling. Everything will work out, especially if you have a solid plan in place. Plus, you will be left with a beautiful new bathroom that will improve your life AND the value of your home. Win-win.


10. Get going

Once you have the details worked out, your contractors hired, and your game-face on, it’s time to get down to business. Take your time, be careful, and have fun. You will have a fantastic new bathroom to relax in before you know it.

If you are feeling stuck with the whole process and don’t know where to begin, feel free to give one of our consultants a call to discuss your vanity and storage options. Or visit one of our many showrooms located around the nation. Good luck!

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