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Warm Tones for Fall

October 29, 2017


If you’re looking to paint and remodel your bathroom this fall/winter, Strasser Woodenworks has the perfect variety of collections to fit your remodeling needs. From warm, rich tones to cool and soothing tones, choosing the right colors for your bathroom can be exciting. Here are a few suggestions for completing your bathroom remodel from Strasser!



The Wallingford collection is perfect for rich, deep colors that will make your bathroom feel warm and cozy. Look for hues in the warm spectrum of the color wheel, such as ruby or gold. Envision the colors of red wines and Tuscan friezes. Warm colors also create an elegant decorating style.



Cool and muted colors send a soothing message with the Alki View Collection. A room decorated in pale blue with gray undertones will have a calming effect. Add some nature to your home by using moss and sea greens. Colors from earth and nature convey a peaceful, tranquil feeling.


Neutral colors never go out of style with the Montlake collection. To create a sophisticated look, choose medium-hue browns and creams, such as bisque and ivory, that are warm but not overpowering. You can always add color to a neutral palette with linens, accessories, and decorative items.


Strasser Woodenworks bathroom collections are perfect for any luxury fall style! Find your luxury bathroom collection today!


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