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6 Ways to Utilize Space in Small Bathrooms

September 30, 2017

Think Vertical


This is the best way to utilize wall space in a small bathroom.

  • Add floating shelves to add storage in a trendy way.

  • Colorful, painted ladders are a great way to showcase decor and store bathroom items.

  • Wooden crates can be hung on the wall to store towels and other bathroom necessities.

Get Rid of Clutter


Small bathrooms can produce a lot of clutter. Getting rid of unnecessary items can really open up the space.

  • Store cotton balls and qtips in glass jars on floating shelves.

  • Remove items from the sink rather than displaying them.

  • Remove excess hanging towels and hand towels.

  • A good rule of thumb is if you haven't used it in six months, it may be time to get rid of it.


Bathroom Cabinets for Small Spaces


Strasser Woodenworks has the perfect sized cabinets for small bathroom spaces.

  • Our collection includes floating storage such as cubbies and overjohns that are great for medicine cabinets and towel storage.

  • For more vertical storage, our linen cabinets are perfect for full bathroom storage.

Add Mirrors


Mirrors give bathroom the idea of depth.

  • A mirrored wall can actually visually double the space.

  • Don’t use side by side mirrors, this chops up the space.

  • Since mirrors reflect light, this will brighten up the space giving the illusion that it is larger.

Create Color


Paint the walls in a bright color to really make the space pop.

  • White - Designers love covering a tiny room in white paint, which promises to make even the smallest spaces feel a bit more open.

  • Yellow - Perfect color to reflect light and make the space feel larger.

  • Cool blue and green - Blue and green can also impart brightness and depth.

  • Gray - A great neutral color that is super trendy in homes and a great alternative to plain white.

  • Monochromatic - This creates a minimalist, clean look that makes the entire space feel larger.

Strasser Woodenworks wants to help you create the most space for your bathrooms. For more information about our collections or sizing, please feel free to contact us!


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