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What You Need to Know About Doing a Bathroom Remodel

July 14, 2017

Whether your bathroom is on the small side or you are fortunate enough to have plenty of room, when it comes to remodeling it is important to consider the functionality of your space. Make the most of the space you have both with the bathroom storage that you choose, the colors that you use and the layout. 


Does your current bathroom layout work well for you? If you have a small bathroom then you are obviously limited to what you can do with the space you have, however you may not be using it to its full advantage. Talk to a professional, it may be possible to change the layout of your bathroom furniture and create a little more extra space, however you may be limited with what you can move based on the location of any existing pipe work.  Consider having custom built bathroom vanities put in. They can be designed and built to make the most of your space whilst offering you maximum storage around fixture such as sinks. 

If you don’t actually use your bathtub then it might be worth considering having a larger shower cubicle put in instead. This can work really well if you have a smaller bathroom as it will give you a little extra space. Remodel your bathroom to suit your needs rather than the needs of any potential buyers in the future if you should choose to sell your home. 

Bathroom Storage

When remodeling your bathroom, consider the type of bathroom cabinets that would work well for the items that you want to store in your bathroom. Cabinets with doors can be fitted in neatly to work as a bathroom vanity unit near a large mirror, or even under a sink. You might also like to consider drawers rather than cupboards, they can be very versatile with the added bonus that they are easier to access, and also more practical when it comes to arranging the contents. You might want to consider an extra-large drawer for any larger objects you want to store in your bathroom.


Lighter colors reflect the light and really open up the space so if your bathroom is on the smaller size then it is worth using a pale color pallet to make your bathroom appear bigger. If you want to add some bright color to your bathroom then confine this to your accessories, splashes of bold color rather than big blocks will work best.

Taking into account all of the above should ensure you end up with the bathroom you really want – and one that you’ll love for a long time to come.

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