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Why Winter Remodeling is a Good Idea

January 10, 2019

During the winter season with bouts of bad weather and guests coming to stay, we tend to put the home improvement updates that should be taken care of on the back burner. Fortunately, there are winter renovations that could be cheaper in the down season, rather than waiting until the warmer months.

Take a look at these tips that Strasser Woodenworks has prepared to help you decide how to budget for your winter renovation.

Determine Which Renovations are a Priority
Like with any budgeting you have to separate your needs from the wants. Take some time and survey your home. Figure out what needs immediate attention and what can be held off until the warmer months. Also, see what areas just need quick fixes or replacement versus a total renovation.

Quick fixes could be something as simple as re-tiling or repainting the walls, other renovations that may need direct assistance would be replacing fixtures that are outdated or are in disrepair. Once you have figured out which areas need focus then you have come up with the foundation to the next step in the process - budgeting goals.

Set Your Goals On the Interior Over the Exterior
To make things a little easier on yourself for your winter renovation take on projects that are indoors instead of outside where the weather can hinder construction budget and time. Take advantage of tasks on the inside like switching outdoors of the interiors, repainting the walls in the bathroom, kitchen, tiling, replacing appliances, or laying new flooring throughout your home.  

Set a Budget for Time and Money
You don’t want to overwhelm yourself financially with home renovations.  After you have found out which projects you plan on doing, find out the costs and time span it will take to get them done. With all of the tutorials and DIY online websites, there are plenty of projects that you could probably get done by yourself. Estimate how much you would prefer to spend on all of the projects overall, see if there can be any wiggle room just in case it comes down to that to certain surprises that were anticipated on.  But plan on asking a professional when it comes down to the bigger projects.

There is one perk to winter renovation projects; it should be easier to get in contact with a professional contractor because business is slower during this time of the year. It will be good to get their feedback about the renovations you plan on doing. They will be better able to guide you to which project you can do yourself, how much any of the projects will costs, which materials would be best for your home and time period it would take to finish the projects. A professional contractor can also help you choose renovation projects that yield a higher ROI (return on investment).

Even though the winter season can feel like it dampens your renovation spirit, your budget may feel better-knowing projects can get done faster and cheaper than in the summer months. Whether you decide to keep your renovations small or you want to tackle larger home renovations for buyer appeal, rest assured your wallet will thank you.

If you’re ready to start your winter bathroom renovation, call Strasser Woodenworks today to update your bathroom vanity and cabinets! You can also visit our website to get an idea of what cabinets and fixtures will best suit your budget and home.


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