Here in the Northwest, we have been ‘green’ for decades. It’s a way of life.  We at STRASSER are constantly finding ways to conserve energy, reduce waste, increase recycling and use cleaner manufacturing practices. We know the importance of leaving a cleaner world for future generations.

Conserving Energy

STRASSER is continually evaluating ways to reduce energy consumption.  We have upgraded LED lighting, purchased high efficient air compressor equipment, and upgraded waste management procedures.

Lean manufacturing practices result in much more efficient use of materials and less wastage.

cropped wood

STRASSER and our employees are committed to sustainability efforts daily by...

  • Recycling all scrap wood with dust collection systems that collect residual wood released during processing of raw wood
  • Finishing equipment is installed and maintained to appropriately collect any negative-impact materials. These are turned over to environmental professionals that specialize in safe and effective handling of such materials.
  • All corrugated cardboard material and containers used in the packaging and transport of our products are made with 35 – 40% recycled material
  • Our sales brochures and catalogs are printed on FSC-certified paper
  • Multiple collection bins are throughout our facilities for recycling and diversion of production materials from landfills
  • Office paper, bottles, cans, etc. are collected in our offices for recycling
  • Recycling of old computer PC’s, keyboards, wiring and monitors