US-Based Manufacturing Ensures Quality, Predictability for STRASSER Customers


Made in Washington state, STRASSER’s vanities help fuel the local and national economies while reducing lead times.

STRASSER, manufacturer of high-quality luxury vanities, has long prided itself on offering products fully made in the USA and using materials sourced from North America. And that detail feels more important and relevant than ever before.

“Offering products that are made entirely in the United States provides a host of advantages for our company, our community, and our customers,” said Judy Hedreen, VP and co-owner of STRASSER. “First and foremost, we are providing steady jobs for more than 50 people in Washington state, thus fueling the local and national economy. Just as important, it helps ensure the quality control for which Strasser is known.”

STRASSER sources all raw materials, primarily plywood and hardwoods, from the United States and Canada (the only exception is Italian hardware). It’s the first step in quality control that continues in the factory. “We’re not willing to sacrifice quality,” said Peter Ollestad, Vice President of Sales. “With everything made right here, we can literally walk onto the factory floor every day and see our product being made, inspected, and packaged. That’s an assurance you just can’t guarantee with imported products without dramatically higher prices.”

In addition to quality assurance, “Made in USA” brings greater predictability and reliability for customers. Even though each STRASSER vanity is made-to-order, a designer or building pro will receive their order within four weeks. From start to finish, STRASSER is in control of the process and therefore not subject to the unpredictability from shipping, tariffs, or other overseas concerns.

Customers also will find a broader selection—about 50,000 possible product combinations—a product breadth and depth that is impossible for imports to match.

“Manufacturing in the USA is a commitment we’ve made to our employees and our customers,” Hedreen said. “It helps define our brand, while ensuring that the elements that define our products, including quality, reliability, and selection remain steadfast.”

STRASSER manufactures high-quality, luxury freestanding and wall mounted wood bathroom furniture across a range of styles, sizes, configurations, species, and finishes, with well over 50,000 product combinations. Each vanity, cabinet, and accessory is crafted in the USA, built to order using cherry, maple, red oak and alder hardwoods sourced in the US and Canada. Engineered finishes meet the strictest regulatory standards. STRASSER prides itself on detailed craftsmanship, including solid-wood dovetail construction, hand sanding, soft-close doors and drawers, and solid-wood legs. STRASSER was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Woodinville, Washington.