We bought a couple Strasser vanity and cabinet sets through Robison Supply about 15 years ago.   However, we needed to replace some faces on just one set, so we were faced with two options;  get a new set or replace the facings.

Because we loved this vanity set, I contacted Strasser customer service with some aprehension since I couldn’t find the sales receipt.

But, to my surprise Sean Kristek made me feel at ease, and after a couple basic questions he had new faces ordered.  Problem solved!

We just received the replacements and everything came in perfect! Plus, we also received new knob/pulls…….how about that!

We want to thank Sean for his great professionalism, his ethical values, attentiveness and politeness.  Seldom, we witness this in the business world.

We highly recommend Strasser Woondenworks for their products, their unmatched workmanship, their LifeTime garantee and their superb service representatives who really care about the costumer.

It was indeed a pleasure to work with Sean Kristek.  Well done!

Strasser for life!