Made in America and a great product. Place it in a small bathroom that we just remodeled and love the size and workmanship on the product.


We purchaced our vanity in 2012 and it still is like new! We LOVE it! Quality is outstanding! LOVE LOVE LOVE having the drawer in the bottom under the sink, it adds so much storage. Pure Genius!

Lori P.

I love my new guest bath with the beautifully made vanity. This particular vanity is 18" deep to fit in the room, though from the picture, you would never know that it's more narrow than standard vanities. Thank you for making such a beautiful and solid product!


As always Peter you are a gentleman that stands by the true meaning of customer service.  Your solution is so generous, I wish more of our vendors would follow your view of how a business partnership can work. Thank you for helping our customer.


I wish to thank you and Strasser Woodenworks for the excellent job done for us! Most appreciated was the attention to detail Strasser Woodenworks took in verifying the color match to our existing vanity. As you can see the match is a good one and as I told you this is not a million dollar home and in fact is quite 'eclectic' in many areas. No excuse but the match suits us. Had we needed to replace the vanity there is no question that you would have built that also as we really liked the floor models on display at Ferguson Enterprises here in Chicago. Thanks once again for the professional service and a quality built product - both of which were greatly appreciated.

Nicholas and Karen K.

You are a GREAT company and would always highly recommend your products.  


We have owned Strasser Cabinetry for at least 15 years and they still look great after that many years and teenage use. We have a maple and cherry bathroom vanity with a maple 3 way mirror over the sink cabinet that we recessed in. Did I mention - made right here in the USA and lots of useable storage! Everyone who comes to our house always compliments our bathrooms and cabinetry.. The Strasser Cabinetry still holds it high design now as it did when it was first installed - Timeless and Beautiful. High Recommendation.


The vanity top you sent is in perfect condition and was just installed this morning.  I had  to wait a week to fit into my plumbers busy schedule and I also needed his help to lift the heavy crate and unpack it.  The packaging was amazingly study and safely designed but took some doing to carefully extract the vanity top.  Great job and many thanks to you and all at Strasser.  Have a wonderful day.

Gary and Gloria A.

We bought a couple Strasser vanity and cabinet sets through Robison Supply about 15 years ago.   However, we needed to replace some faces on just one set, so we were faced with two options;  get a new set or replace the facings. Because we loved this vanity set, I contacted Strasser customer service with some aprehension since I couldn't find the sales receipt. But, to my surprise Sean Kristek made me feel at ease, and after a couple basic questions he had new faces ordered.  Problem solved! We just received the replacements and everything came in perfect! Plus, we also received new knob/pulls.......how about that! We want to thank Sean for his great professionalism, his ethical values, attentiveness and politeness.  Seldom, we witness this in the business world. We highly recommend Strasser Woondenworks for their products, their unmatched workmanship, their LifeTime garantee and their superb service representatives who really care about the costumer. It was indeed a pleasure to work with Sean Kristek.  Well done! Strasser for life!


Made in America and extremely respectful of the opinion their customers have of them and their products. The Customer Service Dept. is first rate. They honor their Lifetime Warranty promise should you ever have a problem.

Cathy B.

Very solid and great quality! I was very impressed because I didn’t see it in person I ordered it online . Would highly recommend.


Thanks to Strasser for producing such a high quality product! As a home owner who must carefully weigh cost with the quality and durability of a product, I am delighted that I can do that while supporting American labor and would be glad to recommend it to others.

John F.

My wife loves the deep drawers offered by Strasser versus the shallow “after thought” drawers offered by others... I found the unit to be very well constructed. The folks who installed it kept remarking – Wow, that door is one solid piece of wood.


I work for a home remodeling business and every time I get to sell a Strasser vanity is a treat for me. The quality of the construction is top notch. The finish is spectacular in every stain I've seen and the hardware is what you would expect of a high end piece of furniture. They are a vendor I recommend at every opportunity.


I just installed a 30" Vanity and like to give my comments on it: The design, engineering and manufacture are outstanding. On a scale of 1 to 10 you rate a 15! The ease of working with the hardware is fabulous. I have never before encountered such innovative and effective design. I know we will enjoy this product for many, many years. Thanks to everyone who contributed to create this product.

Peter L.

Working with Strasser was great. This was a lifetime warranty replacement and they could not have been nicer to get everything perfect. They stand behind their products for sure. The quality is high end, solid, and really makes a great impression. They will do everything they can to make sure you are a satisfied customer. Made in the USA is great too.

J Kiley

Outstanding workmanship. Internal drawer sliders/hardware, wood support framing are all top notch quality. As great inside as outside. Very, very impressive!



Just a quick note to say thank you for the good service. We outfitted our home with Strasser cabinets about 20 years ago and recently needed to replace a few worn hinges, an e-mail to our local Strasser shop helped identify the hinges and to our surprise they were either under a life time warranty or they just sent them for good service. The cabinets still look good and work well. Thanks again for keeping long term customers in mind.

Dave and Yvonne R.

Thank you Strasser! We love our new vanity!

Holly M.

I am so pleased to have purchased Strasser vanities. The speed at which your company has replied to my warranty claim has been amazing. The replacement drawer front arrived yesterday. I can't thank you and your company enough for taking such quick action to my request. Thank you so much.

Patrick C.

Quality product delivered to our door. My husband and I would highly recommend Strasser Woodenworks vanity cabinets because ours are beautiful and very well made.

Pat S.

Beautiful wood and construction very sturdy, fits in my space perfectly.


Strasser manufactures world class bathroom furniture designs in Seattle Washington. Contemporary, Transitional and Traditional options are available. Quality construction at competitive prices. Excellent family run business meeting needs for all Americans budgets.

Al R.

My vanity doors & drawers were received last week. We installed everything this weekend. I am so impressed with how the doors & drawers looked. I was only expecting that they would be repainted, but to me everything looks brand new! Were the doors & drawers completely replaced? I am also impressed that all new knobs & hardware were enclosed with thIs shipment.  Lastly everything was so carefully& meticulously packed & shipped back to me. Sean I want to thank you & the production staff at Strasser for your excellent customer service & professionalism. It was beyond all of my expectations. I would highly recommend your company.