Fall Decor With Strasser Woodenworks!


Fall in the Pacific Northwest is the best time of the year! The shorter days and smell of crisp autumn air are reminders that we are tipping away from the sun. What better time to turn inward and nest at home?  Fall is a great time to make updates to your home, including changing up your bathrooms.

Update your bathroom with a new Strasser Woodenworks bathroom cabinet, or upgrade your bathroom with a stylish, modern vanity.

Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, adding splashes of earth-toned colors and autumn decor can bring warmth and comfort to your home this season.

Organizing your bathroom and clearing the clutter is the first step in freshening up your bathroom for fall. Our bathroom cabinetry and bathroom storage furniture will complement any home. From sleek and modern to classic traditional, Strasser Woodenworks offers numerous storage solutions to suit your needs.

Warm colors, earth tones and natural elements such as pine cones or branches of fall leaves keeps your space chic and stylish, and freshens the space with touches of autumn. Scented candles by the tub, or deep orange or red accent pieces such as hand towels or vases lend to the atmosphere. Keep things simple and classic and your bathroom will be sure to inspire its visitors.

An added touch of comfort is a new set of plush towels. Neutral tones and soft, luxurious bath towels will warm you on the coldest days. Updated towel racks and hooks and a complimentary bathroom mirror can bring an added measure of glam and new life to your bathroom.

Need help organizing your bathroom? Contact us to talk about how our bathroom cabinets can help you with your bathroom update.


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