How To Properly Refinish Bathroom Cabinets


Updating your bathroom cabinetry is an easy way to breathe new life into your bathroom and increase the value of your home.  If you are thinking of refinishing your bathroom cabinets, proper finishing techniques and attention to detail will greatly enhance the outcome. Here are a few tips to get your bathroom cabinets to where you envision it.

Properly Sanding Down Cabinets

This step is huge. Not properly completing this step can set your entire cabinets off. Be aware of the type of sander you are using – using the wrong one can leave divots and knicks in the wood that will be noticeable later. Consider using random orbital finishing sander. Random orbit sanders provides both rotary and orbital motion that works fast and easily removes edges, ridges, and imperfections. Make sure to get into the nooks and crannies of the cabinet so that the surface is smooth.  Once you are done sanding, make sure you have wiped down the surfaces to remove any dust.  The smoother the surface, the better the paint job.

Getting The Paint Just Right

Add some of your colored paint to your primer. This will prevent you from having extra layers of paint. The least amount of paint you use on your overall cabinets, the smoother they will come out. Adding too many layers of paint leaves room for clumps of paint and sticky cabinets.

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Also, be careful to properly have your paint mixed for you. If you buy two cans or a small sample of paint, make sure they match perfectly. A common mistake is to start painting the cabinets, run out and start on a new can and not have the colors match up. If this does happen, you will want to sand back down to be able to repaint them. If not, dried brush strokes can lead to the colors overlap and seep through. It happens more than you think!

Properly Labeling Your Hinges

Sounds pretty silly, right? Labeling your hinges can save a lot of time. Hinges tend to wear on your cabinets in a specific way. Not putting them back on the same place can make the cabinets fit differently and sometimes not close properly. It’s best to put them back where they were originally placed to prevent any issues.

Putting the Cabinets Back in the Right Places

This also happens more often than not. Labeling where your cabinets specifically go can also save you a ton of time. Cabinets may appear to all fit the same but sometimes can be off and not close properly, causing you to have to take the cabinets back off and figure out where each of them belong. This can be a huge hassle!

Strasser Woodenworks bathroom cabinetry comes in a variety of finishes, from natural cherry to satin black.  Our premium finishes are high quality and will last you many years.  Are you thinking of installing new bathroom cabinetry or a bathroom vanity?  Contact us or visit one of our showrooms.  Share with us your updated bathroom!


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