Strasser Woodenworks Custom Made Mirrors


Strasser Woodenworks crafts Bathroom Vanities, Furniture, and Accessories all made in the USA. Did you also know Strasser handcrafts wall mirrors that will perfectly match any of our bathroom vanities and cabinets set? That’s right, our goal is to furnish your new bathroom with one place and one order. Saving you time and money.

Here are a few reasons why mirrors really make a difference in your bathroom:

Depth with a view – Adding a mirror creates depth in a room. Adding a mirror can bring outside elements into the room and extends the room by reflection. For best results, choose a location where the view can be easily seen at different angles. For example, a large framed mirror works well in a bathroom when the layout is more open. That way when a person walks into the bathroom they would see a reflection that captures another angle of the room to create depth.

Make a small bathroom bigger –  You can add multiple framed mirrors in a small bathroom to create a larger impression. Light will bounce off the mirrors to help brighten the space, making it appear larger. For example, if you have a double vanity sink in your bathroom, a large mirror could overpower the space and not add much to the overall effect. Be creative by adding a different framed mirror in between two similar ones and at a slightly different level for an even larger impression while maintaining an intimate style. Or use three bathroom mirrors with the same size, shape and level for more uniformity and a modern style.

Create a boundary – By placing a framed mirror in front of the window you can create the illusion of a boundary. It helps to stop the eye and make the bathroom feel more intimate. To accentuate the mirror as a focal point, consider adding a colored or decorative frame to the mirror. Strasser Woodenworks has mirrors with shelves and finishes to add flair and really create a focal point.

Looking for something specific? Or maybe not sure where to start? A matching mirror or two in the same style and finish as your vanity might be what you’re seeking. Arched, crowned and rectangular mirrors with choices of frame profiles and finishes, plus a variety of sizes to fill your needs. Strasser Woodenworks has a variety of options to complete the look you’re going for.

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