The Importance of Bathroom Storage


Strasser Woodenworks knows the importance of spacious bathroom storage. Every inch counts when it comes to storing your personal items. This is precisely why we have handcrafted medicine cabinets and storage cabinets that match our vanity collections. Whether your remodeling aesthetic is traditional or contemporary, our storage will perfectly match your style.

All of our storage cabinets are available in the complete range of styles and finishes of our base vanities. Of course, these cubbies, over johns and linen towers can stand on their own as well, with their wide assortment of styles and finishes. This is a perfect match for someone who loves a little variety in their life!

Our storage family is made up of Linens, Over Johns, & Cubbies, an addition to medicine cabinets. We offer two lines of storage cabinets to match our vanity collections; traditional and contemporary.

For The Traditional Bathroom – Montlake, Wallingford & Ravenna, as well as EuroLav collections are the best matches for our traditional medicine cabinets and storage cabinets. These storage collections have doors that overlay the fronts and a traditional finish to perfectly complement your room.

For The Contemporary Bathroom – Alki, Belltown and SoDo collections are contemporary lines and best match our contemporary medicine cabinets and storage cabinets. These collections feature inset doors that are flush with the front cabinet surface that lend to a sleek and modern feel.

Our designers have created medicine cabinets and storage cabinets that match our vanity collections. When choosing a medicine cabinet or storage cabinet, you will want to choose a style that is most appropriate for your home and personal style.

If you aren’t sure what style you are wanting, our website offers an option for you to digitally build your bathroom cabinets for both the contemporary and traditional designs. You can select a door style, finish and cabinet to get a feel for what may look best in your bathroom.

If you’re ready to add more storage to your bathroom remodel, contact Strasser Woodenworks today! Our trained staff is here to help you select the perfect bathroom style to complete your look.


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