Weekend Bathroom Updates


Has your new Strasser Woodenworks bathroom collection arrived? Are you ready to get your old bathroom fixed up to get ready for your new bathroom vanity and cabinet? Here are four bathroom upgrade projects that can be completed in a weekend. So now you can reinvent your bathroom and install your new bathroom collection in just a few days! Here’s what you can do to get started:

Upgrade Old Bathroom Fixtures

The focal points of your bathroom can easily be replaced, making a big overall impact with little outlay of effort. Tapered design lines and modern styling can beautifully enhance your bathroom. Consider replacing items like old light fixtures, shower heads, faucets for the tub and sink. These may seem somewhat mundane during the process but can really make an old bathroom feel new and revived. Finish up the fixture updates with matching accessories – towel bars, toilet paper holder, robe hook – and you’re all done with the first upgrade!

Install New Shower Door

A shower door replacement can be made for cosmetic reasons; plus, there are very real potential benefits behind it as well. Follow the process to installing your new door and be sure to apply silicone caulk at the end along the edges of the base track — both inside and out — and along the jams. This will make your new door watertight and keep your whole bathroom cleaner and drier.

Lay New Tile

Whether you’re motivated by structural needs or an outlet for your own artistic expression, laying new bathroom tile is a project that immediately makes an old bathroom feel rejuvenated. Tile is incredibly impervious to water and stains, making it perfect for the bathroom. But it won’t lay properly unless you thoroughly clean the surface beforehand. Fill those backboard seams with mortar, apply a fiberglass mesh and then you’re ready to lay a tile design that matches your unique look.

Pick The Perfect Seat

If you’ve ever wished your time on the toilet seat was a little more luxurious, now is the perfect time to upgrade. It’s easy to install and provides the ultimate personal experience with a wide array of features like heated seat, water temperature control, spray strength, nozzle position, and even a deodorizer. Now, you can bring a spa-like environment right to the comfort of your own bathroom, without much time or cost invested.

With these simple yet vibrant updates, your bathroom will feel complete with your new Strasser Woodenworks bathroom vanity and cabinets. If you haven’t ordered your new bathroom collection, check out our collections here.


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