What to Consider Before Your Bathroom Remodel


Strasser Woodenworks are experts when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Any remodeling project is a huge undertaking and bumps along the road are always expected. We believe that coming up with an actionable plan before starting can help make for a smoother project. Here are few ways to prepare for your new bathroom.

Why Is Your Bathroom Remodel Important?

Are you a new homeowner wanting to update an old bathroom? Are you planning on selling your home? Is there accessibility issues that need to be added?  These questions are all important in being able to decide what will need to be done during your remodel. Having a list of needed items can help with the overall picture of the remodel.

What’s Your Budget & Priorities?

The budget is the most important part of any remodel. Determine what you’re willing to spend, do a little research to see if your budget is realistic, and pinpoint the three things in your project that are the most important you. Strasser Woodenworks bathroom vanities and furniture vary in price depending on your budget and needs. Our fully trained staff can help you stay within your budget and priorities.

What’s Your Layout And Functionality?

Are you planning on moving the sink or toilet to another location? Keep in mind, this can require additional plumbing and pipe placement and is often overlooked when creating a layout. It’s important that your bathroom water flow and drainage are up to code, especially if you are trying to sell your home. Although, if a layout change is due to accessibility issues, it’s important to factor that into your overall plan and budget from the beginning.

Will This Increase Your Property Value?
Before paying for your remodel, it’s best to consider the actual return this investment is likely to produce. If you’re planning on moving sooner than that you’ll want to consider how this bathroom remodel will impact your property’s value. Realtors often warn that you should be cautious when it comes to fixtures and colors because they may go out of style and quickly date your space. It’s also very important to look around your neighborhood. Get an idea of what the norm is for your location. If the majority of the homes in your neighborhood have marble sinks and your bathroom remodel opts for the laminate countertop then your house could be a harder sell.

What is the Aesthetic Appeal?
The most important aspect of a bathroom remodel is to get familiar with your options.  Is your bathroom outdated and needs a few updates because of aesthetics? Or does it need to be a complete overhaul? Maybe the walls of your outdated bathroom are covered in less than pleasing light green tiles. Maybe the tiles are damaged and need to go but maybe those tiles are in excellent shape and with a simple re-glazing they can be rejuvenated. For budget purposes, it’s important to become familiar with all the options available to you.

If you are ready to start your remodel, Strasser Woodenworks has showrooms all over the United States.  We are happy to show you our bathroom vanity and cabinet collections and find the perfect set for your home. Contact us today for more information!


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