5 Ways To Improve A Small Bathroom


Strasser Woodenworks knows what it takes to remodel even the smallest bathrooms. If your home has a small bathroom, here are some ideas to help you transform it into a stunning jewel-box powder room!  Even the smallest spaces can make a big impression.

1. Use Artwork To Liven Space. Use what you hang on the walls to your advantage. Usually, there’s space for only one or two pieces in a smaller bathroom, so focus on pulling in the tile color as a minor color. This means the rest of the art can be something you love and can feature more of your favorite colors, but with just that touch of teal, yellow, peach, the art will still connect with the space. If this isn’t your style try and use a metallic or wood frame, so there’s one less color to factor into your design.

2. Revive The Tiles. It may not last as long as replacing the tile, but if you’re on a budget or hate the color of your existing tiles, you can paint them. You will need a really good primer — most likely an oil based, not water based. Even if you end up doing some of the work yourself, you should consult a professional painter to review the materials you’re planning to use and your specific wall conditions. Every project is different, and there’s no eraser when it comes to painting tile.

3. Add Extra Fun Details. Add interesting and different kinds of wallpaper, curtains, a ceiling fixture and painted vanity doors to make your bathroom its own little showplace. Bathrooms are the perfect place to try something a bit more daring or fun than you’d be willing to commit to in, say, your living room.

4. Hide Outlets. In older bathrooms the electrical outlets tend to be mounted above the tile, making them more prominent than you might prefer. If you paint the walls, paint the outlet covers to match. This will help hide the outlet a bit. If it’s a kids’ bathroom it’s a great spot for a nightlight. Make the shade of the light blend in with the wall, so the outlet looks useful instead of being an eyesore.

5. Make it functional. Pedestal sinks are always nice to make a tight space look open, but then where does your stuff go? Strasser Woodenworks compact vanities and cabinets are perfect for small spaces.  Vintage bathrooms usually don’t have towel bars or hooks. Adding a wall-hung towel rack above the tile will keep the space open but provide a fair amount of storage. Glass shelves are another alternative to keep toothbrushes, cotton swabs and other necessities organized. Even apothecary containers can add personality, a bit of helpful distraction and a level of cohesion to your bathroom.

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom vanities and cabinets, check out our website for a few extra ideas! Our team is always ready to answer any questions you may have!


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