Rift white oak bathroom vanity from Strasser

Elevate your Bathroom Design with Strasser’s New Rift White Oak Bathroom Vanities

Want to know why rift white oak is turning up everywhere, from minimalist Scandinavian to mid-century modern and transitional bathroom designs? The answer lies in white oak’s natural beauty and remarkable versatility.

Contemporary bathroom design often blends clean lines, stark minimalism, neutral palettes, and organic materials to create a spa-like environment that is elegant and inviting. Rift white oak’s straight grain and honey hues make it the perfect material for bringing warmth and comfort to contemporary spaces.

Elevate your bathroom designs with a specially curated selection of rift white oak bathroom vanities from Strasser. We match the grain patterns of our rift white oak veneer to give you uniform, clean lines that pair perfectly with contemporary and modern bathroom designs. Combine the luxury of white oak with the durability and quality you expect from Strasser.

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Learn why rift white oak inspires designers, and how you can incorporate this versatile and elegant natural wood into your contemporary bathroom designs.

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