Why are Contemporary Interior Designers So Captivated by Rift White Oak?

Rift white oak bathroom vanity from Strasser

If you’re following contemporary interior design trends, you may have noticed that rift white oak is having a moment—particularly in the bathroom. Here’s why we think white oak is more than a trend, and why you can expect to see this versatile natural hardwood used in bathroom design for decades to come.

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Bring the Spa Home

Imagine a spa or a coastal resort. You likely picture bright white spaces and neutral colors, with clean lines and the tasteful use of organic materials like jute and rattan. These environments are welcoming and comforting but suggest luxury and elegance.

The bathroom is the best space for recreating that atmosphere at home, and more designers are using the spa as an inspiration for contemporary bathroom design. One way they’re capturing the sensation of relaxing in the spa is by incorporating rift white oak into bathroom vanities and cabinets.

Why Designers Love Rift White Oak

Rift white oak bathroom vanity

Rift white oak offers one of the most versatile color palettes of all hardwoods. White oak is naturally a neutral honey tone, but look closer and you’ll see subtle shades of gray, green, and even blue. These faint variations in color make it possible to pair white oak with a wide variety of accent colors and materials.

The natural grain pattern of rift white oak lends itself exceptionally well to contemporary, modern, and transitional interior designs. These styles feature clean lines that are echoed in rift white oak’s straight, tight grain patterns. When buying rift white oak bathroom vanities, look for slip-matched veneers for uniform lines and consistent colors.

An added benefit of rift white oak is its ease of care and maintenance. This sturdy hardwood naturally resists water and rot due to the density and uniformity of its tight woodgrain. Rift white oak is especially suited to the high-humidity environment of bathrooms. It’s a popular choice for designers because rift white oak furniture is both durable and versatile enough to weather design trends and continue looking modern and refined as tastes change.

The Luxury of Rift White Oak

There are several ways to cut white oak, but only the rift cut produces the characteristic linear lines of rift white oak. Rift-cut white oak is the most difficult and expensive grade of white oak to produce, but it is also the strongest and most durable. That’s why rift white oak is considered a luxury material.

How to Include Rift White Oak in Bathroom Designs

We recommend using rift white oak elements in the largest piece of bathroom furniture—the vanity. Because this piece may be in the home for decades, rift white oak is an excellent choice for a vanity that will stand the test of time without looking dated. It’s a timeless material that will add elegance and sophistication to the bathroom for years to come.

Not sure which Strasser bathroom vanity is right for your next project? Find your nearest showroom and see a curated selection of our rift white oak vanities in person. You’ll notice the quality and care we put into every bathroom vanity.

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